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Have a great idea for a digital electronics product?
Perfect! Now you just need access to high-tech gear like microcontrollers, embedded processors, and specialized SoCs, as well as experts who pay special attention to signal integrity, thermal management, and EMI/EMC. You also need to actually create a prototype.
That’s where we come in. We’re the makers that create things for the idea people.
An engineer solders a circuit board for his clients
We’re not speaking theoretically, we’re saying that we literally have experience creating high-tech electronics that posed significant challenges we were able to overcome. Our clients dream big, so we think big and work hard to see every project through to completion.
Not sure if it’s possible? Book a FREE meeting to tell us more about your project. We’re either going to let you know how we could help make it, or what needs to be fixed to make it feasible. It’s a total win, either way.
Scroll down to find out more about our methodology and what we’ve created for satisfied clients.
A full range of options from start to finish
We offer choices for you, ranging from parsing out the job to us in only the pieces you need help with, to a completely done-for-you service that includes ideas, designs, testing, adapting, creating, manufacturing, and shipping.
Schematic representation of the electronic engineering ustuga - the circles indicate the words: Schematics, PCB, Prototype
You have access to:
  • Consult our experts to help with your device specification
  • Schematic captures
  • PCB layouts
  • Signal and power integrity simulations
  • Full sets of production files and documents for you
  • Prototype manufacturing, testing and adapting
  • Full service manufacturing and shipping
“Our clients have big dreams, so we think big and put in a lot of effort to make sure every project gets finished.”
Mike Tolkachev
Whichever part of the journey you assign to us, we always give you our 100% attention because we know how much your product means to you. We’re not satisfied until you love what we’ve helped to create.
Wireless & IOT
Communication is essential.
It starts with the relationship between you and us, being crystal clear about what we need to create, and how we’re going to create it.
But your devices need to communicate, too! Harness deep wireless integration directly into your device. Use any technology available to ensure your product can communicate to do what it needs to do. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G/5G, NFC, GPS, Zigbee, LoRa, Thread. You let us know what you need and we get it to work seamlessly with your device.
A man looks at an electronic clock showing his health levels
We have a dedicated RF and Microwave engineer on our team to make sure your tech delivers a stellar customer experience from the moment it’s on.
“Let us assist you in building devices that offer reliable communication and extensive data transmission, including long-range options.”
Valery Panin
We offer:
  • RF design review
  • Internal and external antenna simulation
  • Matching the antennas to the enclosure
  • Assistance with EMI/EMC certification: FCC and CE

Use Our 20+ Years of Experience

Use Our 20+ Years of Experience to Reach Your Target Market.

We’re so happy to offer a FREE consultation to see how we can best bring your idea to life.
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Our Notable Projects.

High-performance hardware for a digital world.
Every one of these digital electronic devices that we created had three things in common.

1. They started with a great idea for a digital electronic device.
2. The idea had a unique set of challenges to be overcome.
3. We totally nailed the job and created something unique, from start to finish.

Are you ready to let us help you build yet?

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How it's done

We start with a collaborative concept. Your words, your ideas, your brainchild, discussed with our how-to experts.
Once we have a product concept completed, we reverse engineer the process.

- Who’s going to buy this?
- Where are they?
- How much product do we need to make?
- How can we support the product lifecycle?

The ideal solution will meet the needs of the customers. We do that by creating your product to meet your demands and specifications. And before any of that, we make sure we’re creating the absolute best version of the idea as is possible.

Once we have the concept, we move on to the next phase.
#1 Priority - the product concept we create collaboratively with you.

By incorporating Agile methodology into how we communicate with you, we can return to this beginning stage once we know more details about the practical use of the product. For instance, say your early adopters give you feedback that changes your vision.

Staying flexible is the most crucial part of inventing anything.

Another example is with devices that have custom cases. We start with industrial design. Once the sketches are ready, we pair them with engineering to adjust the electronics to fit the device case.

Our cross-functional team can help you integrate the electronics into your design. But we also let you know if there are other options and costs when it comes to fitting expensive tech into very tight assembly spaces. We want to help you make sure that when necessary changes are made, the price still fits into your product cost budget.

With tiny parts and no room for error, details are everything.

On the path to developing small-scale, fitted electronics, our seasoned experts follow all the requirements of high-tech manufacturing and industry standards - because that’s what makes the end product work.
Our custom High-Quality Code is maintainable, testable, and reusable.

We focus on signal integrity, antenna matching for wireless communications, and electromagnetic compatibility. For high-powered devices, we take heat dissipation into account and match the thermal solution to the enclosure.

Embedded software development starts once the initial device concept is defined. While the hardware is in progress, we use development boards and computer simulations to test the software. The user interface and the backend are developed and tested separately. This approach ensures good maintainability and lets us reuse the components for future iterations of the product.

For increased flexibility and better control in software engineering, we use the Agile approach.

Architecture planning allows development iterations to run smoothly. A well-supported solution allows for swift upgrades with plenty of new features.
Built-In Security
From Moment One.

To protect your valuable data, we promote Security by Design, an approach to software and hardware development where security is built-in from the beginning - not as an addition after there was already an incident.

It’s peace of mind for you, and your customers.

The Security by Design philosophy is incorporated into every development lifecycle stage: from concept to deployment. We implement industry best practices and proven solutions, including secure chips, protocols, and software components. Protecting your product from day one is vital to managing the risks to your hard-earned brand and user trust.

We manufacture and ship electronics from prototypes all the way through mass production.

Our long time collaboration partner in Taiwan cherry-picks the best factories and component suppliers for every job, negotiating the most favorable conditions and removing the necessity to work directly with factories.
One-stop solutions, covering you from concept to mass production.

This ensures consistent quality and fine-grain production control at an affordable price. We also offer packaging, logistics, and dropshipping, delivering products to your customers' doorsteps - anywhere in the world.

For mature, established products, we are we offer engineering support, including:
‣ Transferring and managing your production
Upgrading your electronics with new components
‣ Adding new features

Your success is our success.

We’re there for you through market changes, new ideas, upgrades, updates, and any of those little curveballs that can cripple an industry overnight - or make flexible companies truly shine.

Whatever your vision and your needs, we’re there to support you practically and pragmatically.

If it’s possible to make it work, we will help you make it work.

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