Building precise solutions
Design is so much more than aesthetics - it’s a way of streamlining your idea so that it has sleek code, efficient pieces of a complex puzzle, and beauty inside every tiny moving part. Architecture combined with modular design are the roadmap and the car that work hand in hand to bring your project to life along a product journey.
Watching our programmers weave complex algorithms and critical code is like watching a painter effortlessly stroke the canvas from muscle memory, or a professional surfer cut through the wave because they’re in the zone.
Software engineer typing on a computer
We turn: C, C++, C#, Python, Rust, JavaScript, TypeScript, Embedded Linux, Node.js, Qt, and Flutter, and other up-to-date technologies into tangible fibers that make up the core being of your product.
Quality code
Our high-quality code is reliable, maintainable, testable, and reusable.
This is essential because as your product shifts and adapts through rigorous testing, plus customer feedback when they use it, we will need to add and change the code for each iteration. The better the original bones, the faster, easier, and less expensive it is to create new custom code as it’s needed.
Our code would be a good fit for your project because we:
  • Maintain a clear, logical architecture
  • Use proven coding standards
  • Review code often
  • Analyze code with automated tools
  • Test and document results
Graphical representation of the engineering service: Architecture, Code review, Tests
Our mindset is simple: do it as good as it can possibly be done the first time. And the second. And the third. And every time.
“We are motivated by the pursuit of excellence, and it reflects in our high-quality code.”
Mike Tolkachev
DSP & Radio communications
We implement long-range HF, VHF, and UHF solutions with engineering experts in Digital Signal Processing and Radio communications. If you want it instead of or in addition to other wireless technologies, there will always be a place for these reliable communications methods in good tech.
Electronic tower
We’ve created plenty of custom projects where we incorporated:
  • Low-bandwidth speech coding down to 600bps
  • End-to-end encrypted communications
  • Modems for VHF, UHF, and HF transceivers
  • Software-defined radio
  • Long-haul wireless networks
  • End-system centric solutions for MOTOTRBO, IDAS, APCO-25
Smart Electronics
Software is the heart of your tech. Our straightforward approach to creating reliable, powerful, capable, and specific software starts even before we’ve built your prototype. We incorporate this essential element from the start of the project, running tests while we’re waiting to do trials with the real deal.
A man checks an electronic watch connected to his mobile phone via bluetooth
If you want your product to stand out and consistently deliver excellent customer user experiences, then you’ve come to the right UI and UX design. From a simple microcontroller-based device with an LVGL graphic library, or an embedded Linux solution running Qt, to Flutter - we have the capabilities, machines, and experts to create user-facing software to accompany your great idea.

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Use Our 20+ Years of Experience to Reach Your Target Market.

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High-performance hardware for a digital world.
Every one of these digital electronic devices that we created had three things in common.

1. They started with a great idea for a digital electronic device.
2. The idea had a unique set of challenges to be overcome.
3. We totally nailed the job and created something unique, from start to finish.

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