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We help startups reduce development time, increase productivity, and save at least 30-50% on costs. This saving is made possible by eliminating staff employee benefits, office expenses, and payments for unproductive time.

How Does It Work?

Navigate your product's journey from idea to industry impact with our expert-guided development process, ensuring flexibility and efficiency at every step.

Benefits That

Await You.

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Over Hiring

In-Office Staff:

Significant Tax, Benefits & HR Savings
Smooth, Hassle-Free Project Execution
Flexible Project Staffing on Demand
Save on Workspace and Instruments
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Over Hiring


Complete Cross-Functional Team
Less Work for You to Oversee
Consistent High-Quality Output
Realistic, Adaptable Scheduling
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Our Unique


Specialists in Security, DSP and Wireless Tech
Near-Zero Management Overhead
Growth-Ready, Flexible Solutions
Rapid Production with our Factory Network
Curious about how our benefits align with your budget? Explore our flexible pricing packages, designed to meet your unique goals and your product's stage.
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Empower Your

Hardware Innovation
with Embedity.

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Step 1: Dream  

and Define.

We begin by diving into your unique idea with a free consultation. Our experienced team, proficient in electronics and embedded software, collaborates with you to map out a detailed plan.
This phase includes a clear timeline and a transparent cost estimate, ensuring no surprises down the road.
A team of astronauts on Mars are developing a prototype lunar rover.

Step 2: Custom Design

and Prototyping.

Leveraging our vast experience in design and development, we create custom schematics, circuit boards and enclosure tailored to your product's specific needs.
Rapid prototyping ensures swift progress, with regular updates and collaborative reviews to keep you in the loop at every step.
A team of astronauts on Mars program a prototype lunar rover on laptops.

Step 3: Firmware Development

and Adaptation.

Our firmware experts craft bespoke solutions tailored to your hardware, prioritizing flexibility for seamless integration and future adaptability.
We ensure robust performance with efficient verification, adhering to industry standards for top-notch quality and reliability.
A modern lunar rover is driving on Mars.

Step 4: Manufacturing

and Scalable Solutions.

As we transition from prototype to production, we provide a detailed manufacturing plan with clear costs and timelines.
Our scalable solutions are designed to grow with your startup, ensuring that you can easily ramp up production as your market expands.
The astronaut scientist provides feedback on data obtained from the equipment.

Step 5: Market Launch

and Dedicated Support.

Our support extends beyond the launch. We offer comprehensive post-launch services, including technical support, product updates, and potential future enhancements.
Our commitment to your product's success is long-term, ensuring you have a reliable partner at every stage of growth.
Let's collaborate to bring your vision to life,
safely and successfully!

Your Electronics Project:

Our Tailored Solutions.

Your electronics project is unique. At Embedity, we get that. That's why we've crafted specialized packages to suit a range of needs and budgets.
Get a feasibility study, concept validation, and a basic electronic design ready to kickstart your idea.
Small-scale or early-stage projects.
  • Initial Product Consultation
  • Basic Design & PCB Layout
  • Functional Prototype Development
  • Simple Firmware Creation
  • Basic Testing & QA
$10,000 - $20,000
Estimated Cost (excl. VAT)
Receive detailed design, full-featured software, and a working prototype to show your concept's viability.
  • In-depth Product Planning
  • Comprehensive Design & 3D Modeling
  • Advanced Prototype with Iterations
  • Enhanced Firmware & Software
  • Rigorous Testing & QA
  • Component Sourcing Guidance
$20,000 - $50,000
Estimated Cost (excl. VAT)
Game Changer
Finalize your product design, set up efficient manufacturing, and be launch-ready for market impact.
  • Full-Scale Development Consulting
  • Advanced Design & Engineering Services
  • Multiple Prototype Refinements
  • Complex Software Solutions
  • Extensive QA & Compliance Tests
  • Manufacturing & Supply Chain Setup
$50,000 - $100,000+
Estimated Cost (excl. VAT)
Thinking about the right fit for your startup? Discover our Launchpad package.
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Pilot Project:

Launchpad Package


(excl. VAT)
A view of space from the cockpit of a starship.
Designed specifically for ambitious electronics startups, this package offers you a one-week sprint with one or two of our seasoned experts. For a flat rate of $990, we’ll tackle a critical aspect of your project, demonstrating our expertise and the immediate value we can add to your project. Select from a variety of targeted services:
Firmware Issue Resolution
We'll dive into your project's codebase on GitHub to troubleshoot, debug, and resolve pressing issues hindering your embedded system’s performance.
PCB Modernization
Our team will rework your existing PCB design to accommodate modern components, ensuring your product stays at the forefront of technological advancements.
UI/UX Design Sprint
Receive a sleek, user-centric interface design for your device, crafted in Figma by our UI/UX experts, ready for user feedback and development.
3D Enclosure Sketching
We'll create a detailed 3D model of your device's enclosure, providing a tangible visualization that's ready for prototyping or presentation to stakeholders.
Custom Software Module
Need a specific functionality? We’ll develop a custom software module that seamlessly integrates with your existing system.
Supply Chain Strategy
Develop a robust supply chain strategy tailored to the unique needs of your startup, minimizing costs and maximizing efficiency.
Sensor Integration
Integrate new sensors into your existing system, enabling enhanced features such as environmental monitoring or motion detection.
PCB Review and Optimization
Maximize your PCB's potential through our comprehensive design review, targeting key areas for optimization.
Our Launchpad Package is the perfect opportunity to get professional, targeted assistance with the potential to significantly propel your project forward. It's a low-risk, high-reward proposition that could be the catalyst your startup needs.
Let’s talk about what your week-long sprint could look like.
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