Keeping you safe from moment one
We begin every project with security and end with security checks, keeping information protected from concept to deployment.
It’s called Security by Design, where we approach all software and hardware development with security built-in from the start and not as an oops - late addition after an incident. At all points in the development cycle, we constantly protect, improve, test and run back through the cycle to make sure that what’s yours stays yours (including your customers).
Electronic fingerprint on the touch screen of the device
Information Security, or InfoSec, includes our process, tools, and constant aptitude for putting out fires before they ever start. We protect your sensitive business information from modification, disruption, theft, destruction, or any peeping eyes that shouldn’t have access.
How we achieve it
Our security process is not complex, but it is rigorous and strictly adhered to. Every aspect of our security measures is carefully thought out and designed to protect our systems, data, and resources from unauthorized access, breaches, or any potential threats.
“We continually assess and update our security measures to stay ahead of emerging threats and ensure that we are following the latest security standards and practices.”
Aleksei Konakhin
Some protection measures we implement include:
  • Secure hardware platforms and elements
  • Active tamper detection and tamper-evident features
  • Encryption of stored data and keys
  • Digital signatures with one or multiple parties
  • Secure bootloaders and over-the-air upgrade
  • Use of proven protocols like TLS, HTTPS, and IPsec
Gears with various inscriptions on electronic cybersecurity
Security validation
The proactive identification of vulnerabilities in your security systems before they occur can have significant benefits for your organization. By conducting thorough security assessments and testing, you can potentially save time, profit, and most importantly, maintain the trust of your users. Here's a more detailed explanation of these benefits:
1. Time-saving: Identifying vulnerabilities in advance allows you to address them proactively, preventing potential security incidents or breaches. By allocating time and resources to regularly assess and test your security systems, you can detect weaknesses or flaws early on, enabling you to implement necessary fixes or enhancements promptly.
2. Cost-effectiveness and profit-saving: Investing in proactive security measures can save your organization significant financial resources in the long run. The cost of recovering from a security breach can be substantial. Moreover, proactively addressing security vulnerabilities can also help you avoid potential revenue loss resulting from service disruptions or customer attrition due to a breach.
3. User trust and reputation preservation: Users, whether they are customers, clients, or partners, expect their data and interactions with your organization to be secure. Demonstrating a proactive approach to security instills confidence in your users and preserves their trust in your brand.
Along with our in-house security review, we offer assistance with third-party evaluation of cryptographic modules by independent labs. We have successfully managed to acquire FIPS 140-2 and national certificates for our client's products.
While security threats always pose a risk in tech, we do our best to cut out most problems that even major companies have to deal with. By consistently experimenting with methods that unwelcome guests may employ, we cut down on a significant amount of threat.

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