Make amazing things people can't live without
People buy stylish. They want it. They have to have it.
No matter what’s inside your enclosure, it’s what’s on the outside that counts—at first. We help you create truly unique, sleek, stylish-looking electronics. Because who’s going to buy that rough prototype, no matter how well it works?
An industrial designer draws a sketch of the body of an electronic device on a tablet
Finding the ideal harmony between form and function, we aim for the end product - that device that your customers love because it just works, it all fits together, and it does something really awesome that they use all the time.
Plus, it looks amazing.
Full design cycle
To get your electronics from zero to hero, we have 5 main design phases:
  • Defining Your Product
  • Sketching
  • Engineering, electronics integration
  • Prototyping
  • Producing factory samples
A schematic representation of the complete design cycle. In the circles are written the words: Design, 3D model, Prototype
Sounds simple, but there’s a lot that goes into every phase. We try to stick to your brand, concept, and what makes your tech stand out from everyone else. It should look like you, feel like you, and act like your brand’s unique promise.
Production-Ready Deliverables
We work closely with our partner factories, getting them designs that meet and exceed all of their requirements and guidelines so that you get cost-effective products, ready for mass production.
We offer you samples, plus complete turnkey contracts with manufacturing services in Taiwan, including CNC machining, molding, assembly, and more.
Electronic device disassembled
“Our clients enrich people's lives with revolutionary creations that become indispensable.”
Mike Tolkachev
When the product is created, we can ship it for you, too. From crates to Whitelabel, we can get it to your customers, anywhere in the world.

Use Our 20+ Years of Experience

Use Our 20+ Years of Experience to Reach Your Target Market.

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High-performance hardware for a digital world.
Every one of these digital electronic devices that we created had three things in common.

1. They started with a great idea for a digital electronic device.
2. The idea had a unique set of challenges to be overcome.
3. We totally nailed the job and created something unique, from start to finish.

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